Frequently asked questions

What to do if I witness an animal abandoned or mistreated?Abandoning or mistreating an animal is considered a serious offence, we must gather all evidence before proceeding with a police report. We should always contact the LOCAL POLICE and if they consider it appropriate they will send a report to SEPRONA.
How should we prepare ourselves for the arrival of a new member of the family?The first thing that we should do is allocate an area of the house where the new arrival will have his bed and eating and drinking place. If it is a puppy we should plan where we want him to learn to do his necessities until he does them outside. We should buy a collar, lead etc. Lastly we should agree with all the family on how we are going to educate him.
If there are other animals in the house, how will we introduce our new animal?This should always be supervised gradually so that the first animal does not feel that his territory is being invaded. If this does not work out at first, do not despair, keep the animals separated by a metal partition, glass door, etc. so that they can see each other but not get near each other, after a while slowly try again.
How to train our dog to do his necessities outside?Never scold him when he does it in the house or he will do it when we are not there. Do not clean with bleach as it will not entice him to do it again on the same spot, clean with an anti-bacteria liquid. Always reward your animal when he performs in the street, with affection or treats.
Why is sterilisation necessary and what benefits will it bring to our animal and the family?It will avoid any possible unwanted pregnancies and future abandonment. Most importantly, our animals will not instinctively run away when on heat., it will avoid possible breast and prostrate cancer and improve socialisation between males, territory marking in cats and wailing when they are looking for a mate.
What benefits are there for children who are brought up with domestic animals?They learn basic values for life, responsibility, friendliness, respect for people and living things, it will give them confidence in themselves and make them more extrovert.
Is it wise to adopt an adult dog?Having a puppy gives us an opportunity to educate it from the beginning, but an adult dog already has his character formed making it simpler to find the dog which best fits your lifestyle and will adapt more easily to its new home.