Triple A Marbella - San Pedro
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VA Sponsors Belgian Friends Kev and Fiona 1.2021
Lote was taken away from a bad place by Sanidad and the poor girl is at the moment a little bit afraid but soon she will know that we are nice for her ! She is not used to nice people at the moment. It looks like she is good with other dogs and also people but step by step. Lote has about 22 kilo and is more or less 50 cm tall.

UPDATE: 23/2/2021, Lote is so much better and she loves to be with people and she is also good with other dogs. She shares now a kennel with her friend Hulk and they are so nice together. Also on the leash she is very good and does not pull. She can sometimes be a little bit afraid when you make a strange move and she may think you want to hurt her...but as soon she know´s we will not hurt her she is fine and want to cuddle.
Estado de Adopción disponible para adopción
Genero Hembra
Tamaño Medio
Nacido 25-08-2017
Caracter Tranquilo
Pelo Corto
Llegado 25-01-2019