Triple A Marbella - San Pedro
T. +34 952 771 586
Crta. A-355, km 5
29600 Marbella, Málaga


Adopted GERMANY JANA I HH - 8.2020

Valerio was found next to Triple A in a very bad state. He has a very strange leg and we know now after an exray that this is an old facture, and he was covered in blood, and he had a bad skin, but this is now already much better. The sad thing is that this little man needs a leg amputation soon and we need to collect money for this. Operation will be about 350 euro and this is already with the discount we always get. Little Valerio is only 35 cm tall.

UPDATE 25-10-2019. Valerio is fine and operated, he is so happy now and walks very well on 3 legs. Thank you everybody for your we need to find this brave little man a good home.
UPDATE 04-02-2020, Valerio is super social with the other dogs and loves people, sometimes he can growl a little bit but he is not bad ! BUT he is not the right dog for children.
Adoption Status reserved
Gender Male
Size Small
Year of birth 29-09-2014
Character Calm
Hair Short
Arrived 25-09-2019