Triple A Marbella - San Pedro
T. +34 952 771 586
Crta. A-355, km 5
29600 Marbella, Málaga


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VA Sponsor MONIKA REISEN - Spain 23.12.2019
  Sita was found by Sanidad in Valle del Sol Gualdamina and they told us that the owner who is a elderly person does not want Sita anymore. Sita is lovely big beauty, at the beggining she can be a but timid, but when she trusts the person she becomes  a teddy bear and loves cuddles. She walks fine on a leash. Sita is fine with males, with females not tested. She is so sweet and a big girl, she is 69 cm tall and has 37 kilo.
Adoption Status available for adoption
Gender Female
Size Large
Year of birth 13-01-2015
Character Loving
Hair Medium
Arrived 16-11-2018