Triple A Marbella - San Pedro
T. +34 952 771 586

Camino de La Mina s/n
Crta. Ojén-Marbella, km 33
29600 Marbella, Málaga

Triple A  Marbella-San Pedro

'Amigos' of Abandoned Animals in Marbella & San Pedro Alcántara

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and protecting abandoned animals in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, a team of volunteers and professionals who, day after day, give their time and

energy to improve the livelihood of countless animals without a home. You too can help.

Triple A  Recent Arrivals

Meet the latest animals to arrive at the shelter

Ginebra | Ref. 21489 C

available for adoption

Peter | Ref. 21489 A

available for adoption

Raoel | Ref. 21488 B

available for adoption

Dock | Ref. 21492

available for adoption

Triple A  News

The most recent news about dogs & cats

International Open Day

On the 15th of March will take place the first Open Day of the year. An international flavoured party with specialities in food...

We need flight sponsors to Switzerland and Germany

URGENT - We need flight sponsors to the following Swiss and German destinations:

Magazine and newspaper recycling

Did you know we are collecting MAGAZINES and NEWSPAPERS to recycle? Our goal is 10 tons...

Gracias - Thank you - Danke

To our volunteers:
Another year done, a year with a lot of new animals, a year with a lot of events for them just to...


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