Triple A Marbella - San Pedro
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Crta. Ojén-Marbella, km 33
29600 Marbella, Málaga

Titan | Ref. 24071

4 years old

Titan was found on a Urbanisation before El Rosario and we know that the owner left the dog there and left. The owner was seperated last year and now left also and abandon Titan. Titan is a big bog and 68 cm tall and he has only 35 kilo. He is TO skinny and he also does not look god, bad skin etc. We will take care of him and make him handsome again. He is a lovely and very sweet big boy, we do not know yet how he is with other dogs. Titan is born on 16-5-2013. ( Arrived in Triple A on 11-1-2018)


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